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ACA Marriage

Q: My husband and I have made a lot of progress in terms of our relationship.  We used to get into physical fights, as well as verbal attacks. Through counseling, [...]

Anger and Rage

 Q:  My wife never gets angry or rather never vocalizes her anger.  She also is frightened when I express anger. I always try to hold it in, but then the [...]

Argue Less

Q:  My wife is my best friend, but interestingly enough we fight a lot.  It seems we are either getting along great or we are bickering about one thing [...]


Q:  In my previous marriage I never spoke up or let my needs be known. I am trying to learn to express myself better with men but am having [...]

Avoiding Ruts

Q:  I don’t know how I keep ending up in the same rut, but I do.  I am so busy with family and work that I don’t have time [...]

Beyond the Honeymoon Stage

Q:    My fiancé and I get along great.  We never fight.  I know, from what I have heard and read that people in healthy relationships need to be able [...]

Constructive Arguing

Q:  My husband and I argue a lot.  We are not sure if this is just a habit we have fallen into or if it is a sign of [...]

Differing Sexual Appetites

Q:  My husband is much more interested in sex than I am.  If I go along with him, I feel angry, but if I say no, I feel guilty.  What [...]

Increasing Communication

Q:    I would love to hear some suggestions on how to get my husband to communicate more.A:    You are on the right track in recognizing the need [...]

Intentional Joy

Q:  I feel as if life is passing me by.  I can’t seem to convince my husband that there is more to life than work.  What do you think? A:  Balance [...]

Intimacy Check-up

Q:  Maybe we are lucky but I am not so sure.  My wife and I have been married 10 years, and we seem to get along OK – no big [...]

Lies in Marriage

Q:  My husband lies to me so much I think he has a real problem.  He is always saying he did something, like mail my letter when he didn’t, [...]


Q:  My husband and I are both bright, articulate people but seem to have a great deal of difficulty communicating with each other.  I generally feel that he doesn’t [...]


Q:  I have been accused of being a nag many times and I hate it.  I nag my husband, but only because he doesn’t take responsibility to follow through [...]

Nurturing a Marriage

Q:  My wife and I have a reasonably good relationship, but I do not want to just let it go on automatic pilot.  What can we do to keep [...]

Overachieving Husband

Q:  My husband seems driven. No matter how much success he achieves in his job it is never enough.  I am curious if his need to drive himself so hard [...]

Parent-Child Communication

Q:  I have told my husband over and over again that I’m tired of him telling me what and how to do things. I am a capable 35-year-old woman, [...]

Parenting Differences

Q:  My husband and I disagree about the use of money to encourage our children to get good grades. I think bribing children with money takes away from their [...]