10-hour (5 session) Couples Program

The relationship journey is one of the most exciting, rewarding and often challenging adventures we embark on in our lifetime.

Having worked with thousands of couples over the past 30 years, I find that couples who complete the 10-hour program, are most successful in making and sustaining positive changes.  Change begins the first session.

During your 2-hour sessions we will cover the following:

  • Address any crisis issue or rupture in trust, that is a priority for you.
  • Gather baseline relationship satisfaction information from our questionnaire and develop a map to greater levels of emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Gain an understanding without shame or blame, how each of you have contributed in positive and negative ways, to getting your relationship off track.
  • Address the root of unresolved conflicts that keep coming up like weeds in your relationship.
  • Understand why you are a perfect Imago match and how to heal each other’s emotional wounds.
  • Identify which of you is the “turtle or hailstorm’, understand your individual stress reactions and how to respectfully embrace those differences.
  • Learn and practice the Imago couples’ dialog to gain a deeper understanding of each other and intentionally create emotional intimacy.
  • Develop a blueprint of how to love each other in ways that make you each feel deeply loved and cared for.
  • Practice key Imago skills to consciously get the relationship you have envisioned together.
  • Learn how to become healers for each other rather than inadvertently re-wound each other.

The 5 Session (10 hour) Couples Program is not billed as a package.  Payments are made for each session at the time of our meeting.  Some couples complete the program in 5 weeks and others take longer due to scheduling and learning styles.

  If you elect to pre-pay for the 10-hour Program, an additional hour is included at no charge, a $175 value.

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“The best feeling in the world is being loved by the person you love!’