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A Power Struggle

Q:  I have been married for two years and have not worked since I got married.  I thought I would enjoy the “tennis life,” but I am bored and [...]


Q:   My girlfriend comes from a family that spends most of their time putting each other and their friends down. They even laugh and ridicule strangers walking on [...]

Sharing Feelings

Q:  My wife, rightfully, gets frustrated when I cannot share my feelings with her. Frankly, if I knew my feelings I would be glad to share them. This probably sounds [...]

Superwoman Stress

Q:   I'm worried that the amount of stress I feel during the workday is starting to spill over at home. I feel like I'm working harder and [...]

Teen Parent Relationships

Q:    I know it is to be expected that a teenager will spend more time with friends than family. However, it seems our daughter is not interested in [...]

Time and Expectations

Q:   My wife doesn t seem to have time for me anymore. We re both trying to make our relationship work because it is the second marriage for [...]

Understanding vs. Agreement

Q:  My husband and I are fighting more than ever. We have only been married for two years, but our life together seems like 90 percent arguing and 10 [...]

Working Wife

Q:  My wife doesn’t seem to have time for me anymore. We’re both trying to make our relationship work as it’s the second marriage for each of us. [...]