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Helping Couples Heal Relationships

With Skill and Compassion

Three Programs

MarriageHealers offers three programs, each with a personalized approach and flexible structure. Each program has a specific focus to meet the identified needs of each couple. You will have an opportunity to learn a structured set of proven Imago Relationship skills that will serve you forever. We will apply and practice these skills to solve your particular issues and focus on the goals you have for your relationship and marriage.

The MarriageHealers approach is to work with couples to get the best results by combining the structure of the Imago skill set with the flexibility of an individualized approach.

The 5-Hour Couples Intensive

Intensive couples therapy: A concentrated 5 hour intensive program. Private, not a group. Whether you are trying to save your marriage, wanting to rekindle your strong marriage or wanting to resolve on-going conflicts, this concentrated approach is effective. Together, we can transform and strengthen your marriage. For couples: Married, separated, committed or pre-marital.

Our Intensive Imago Relationship Therapy Program is said to be equal to years of other therapy. The work we do is practical, proven, heartfelt and starts change in your relationship immediately.

Profound, positive change in your marriage can definitely take place in this focused and concentrated program.

"At the heart of mankind's existence is the desire to be intimate and to be loved by another. Marriage is designed to meet the need for intimacy and love."  John Chapman - The Five Languages of Love

10-Session Couples Counseling Program

This couples program can be scheduled at one 2 hour session per week over five weeks. We can be flexible in scheduling to accommodate your schedule.

This program is designed for couples to learn and practice a specific set of Imago skills to deepen communication, develop compassion and intimacy, and increase a sense of joy in being together.

This program is appropriate if you want to:
  • Improve communication, passion and joy in your relationship;

  • Resolve long-standing conflicts;

  • Rekindle an already good relationship;

  • Develop skills to insure you keep a new relationship;

  • See if your relationship can be saved.

We will work together to address your particular issues while applying specific processes to achieve positive results. Guidance, compassion and practice will help support and sustain your positive behavior changes.

The Pre-Marital Package

Learn practical Imago relationship skills that will serve you year after year. Understand how to create a conscious marriage and make it a healing journey together.  Learn the 3 biggest secrets of happy, successful, long-term marriages.

What others say:

"We were separated and really thought our relationship had been ruptured beyond repair. We met with Janet for 4 hours on a Friday and 6 hours on Saturday. By Saturday night we were emotionally closer than we have ever been. We learned a new way to communicate that made us both feel heard and loved. The healing that took place was amazing. We actually deepened our commitment to each other and were married the following month. We learned Imago processes that we will keep practicing forever". Amy & Tony - Santa Fe, NM

"The Imago skills that Janet taught us definitely saved our marriage. Things changed for us during the first session and just kept getting better each week." Kelly & Terry - Sacramento, CA

"My wife and I had been separated for several months and before the divorce was final we wanted to see if we could work things out. First, just I worked with Janet by telephone each week for about 4 weeks. Then my wife and I worked together with Janet for another 8 weeks. We learned a lot and changed our behavior with each other. We are back together and have been doing great for the past year. If we fall back into old patterns we will definitely call Janet for coaching." Andy & Marsha - San Ramon, CA

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