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Nurturing a Marriage

 Q:  My wife and I have a reasonably good relationship, but I do not want to just let it go on automatic pilot.  What can we do to keep our relationship alive and growing?

A:  You are right in recognizing the need to nurture and tend to your relationship.  No relationship is born ideal – it grows, and growth does not happen by accident.  It takes a concerted effort and interest.

Some hints for enriching your relationship include the following:

1.      Plan new experiences (take turns planning).

2.      Make opportunities for intimacy and sexuality (this means private time).

3.      Allow for personal, individual growth.  A vital, alive relationship consists of two vital, alive individuals.

4.      Express feelings and thoughts to each other openly and often to keep the air clear.

5.      Find out what your partner wants and help him/her get it.