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My Approach

After working with thousands of couples in my private practice, I have consistently seen the most meaningful results achieved through Imago Relationship processes. I have selected key Imago Relationship methods in developing a powerful and focused couples program. This focused approach allows us to quickly jump-start the process for couples to begin giving and receiving the love they want in their marriage.

I am a firm believer that significant change can take place rapidly in your marriage if your energy is focused in the right direction, if you are provided with proven relationship skills and are supported by a compassionate guide. My role as your therapist/coach is to work with you and your partner, so you are well equipped to consciously and intentionally create the relationship you both envision.

Even though my approach to couples counseling has been influenced by a variety of educators and mentors, the heart and center of my couples work is based on Imago Relationship Therapy as defined by Dr. Harville Hendrix, author of the bestsellers,"Getting the Love You Want: a guide for couples" and "Keeping the Love You Find: a guide for singles". I have had the opportunity to train and consult with Dr. Hendrix over the past ten years.

My life experience has certainly taught me compassion and respect for couples committed to the joy and challenge of healing and growing in their marriage. It is my humble belief, that we are all students of life and consistently have opportunities to improve as individuals to be the best partners, parents and people we want to be throughout our lives.